LION Coffee- was founded in 1864 establishing itself as America Best Coffee.

The history of coffee finds its roots early in the 9th century as recorded in the highlands of Ethiopia and from there history records it spread to Egypt and then Yemen. The True History of Lion Coffee, an amazing and true story in its self, that dates back to 1864 and the creation of one of America’s first Gourmet Coffee Brands! LION Coffee is the longest surviving coffee brand in the History of Coffee in the United States, over 140 Years of Coffee History. Lion’s Story of best kona coffee beans grown in Hawaii is Lion Coffee Country, Lion Coffee products the king of coffee for 140 years, lion coffee still keeps its original aroma and flavors of Award Winning Kona Coffee Beans. Lion Coffee is America’s oldest major coffee company, praised as the “King of Coffees” today and Lion is Hawaii’s favorite gourmet coffee beans.

Best Hazelnut flavored coffee and Toasted Coconut flavored coffee beans

Try Hawaii’s finest, a decadent Hazelnut and Toasted Coconut best kona coffee and our original line of LION Gourmet Coffee. Hazelnut Coffee is one of the most popular coffee flavors worldwide and LION Hazelnut flavored coffee has a distinctive Hawaiian tropical Hazelnut Coffee taste. Enjoy the aroma and nutty taste of LION Toasted Coconut Coffee.

LION Decaffeinated Kona Coffee– Best Decaf Coffee beans

LION decaffeinated coffees are 97% caffeine free without giving up the exquisite coffee flavor. LION Decaffeinated Coffee is buzz free coffee to satisfy your cravings. Decaf is short for decaffeinated coffee and its coffee beans with generally less than 3% caffeine content. LION Coffee, arguably the best decaf coffee and decaffeinated best kona coffee bean roasters whose Kona beans are satisfying even without the caffeine.

LION Pure Kona Coffee- Lion Coffee’s top 5 all-time Best Sellers

  LION Coffee Kona Gold Coffee 100% 24-Karat Medium Roast Kona Coffee and LION 100% Kona 24 Karat French Roast Coffee are Hawaii’s favorite gourmet coffees. Fresh from the Kona Coast, LION gathers only the biggest and best of the Kona coffee beans. Pure Kona Coffee, Flavored Coffee and the best kona coffee blends by Lion Coffee. Lion Coffee – The King of Coffees is Hawaii’s finest, premium gourmet 100% Kona coffee producer.

A Cherry, from that its roasted into the best Coffee Bean

After Roasting the kona coffee beans are packaged as whole coffee beans and some Lion beans are ground. Most Peeps steep their Lion Kona beans “after grinding” into a premier Kona coffee beverage, generally served hot although Ice coffee is growing in popularity. Dated from 1582 via Dutch koffie, Italian caffè, Ottoman Turkish kahve and Arabic qahwa all pronounced “COFFEE” making the name stick around for a few years! Since the mid 1980’s Lion Coffee can be a decaffeinated beverage brewed from Lion decaf Kona coffee beans. Lion Coffee beans make a delicious beverage through brewing freshly ground coffee or as espresso.